Zipline for Compliance

Finally, a way to ensure that stores see and understand new policies and procedures and complete tasks on time.

Today, only 29% of direction sent to stores is being executed correctly by store teams

During a pandemic, compliance can be a matter of life or death. Zipline is an easy-to-use store communications and task management platform that ensures that policies and procedures from HQ are seen, understood and completed on time by stores. Zipline is the only solution that cuts clutter and confusion for the fleet, drives accountability and inspires employees to take action. Oversight, audit and reporting tools allow DMs and HQ to keep tabs on store compliance and understand which stores are doing well and which ones are in the red.

How Zipline Drives Compliance


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Task Management

Zipline's task management is built with the realities of day-to-day retail in mind. We make it easy for people to delegate, pick up the baton when needed, volunteer for tasks, etc. As a result, the execution data is actually far more accurate than what you'll get with other task management software, that don’t ensure alignment through the ranks.

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Single-Click Publishing

Send messages in seconds, freeing up valuable time to tailor messaging to specific roles or locations. Easy targeting and distro list management means you alert only the teams who need to know - without distracting the rest of the fleet.

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Give your store teams the ability to easily engage with HQ and DMs, with a copy of all communications for compliance.

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When you need to confirm that teams have read and understood new policies or direction, every second counts. With Surveys, you can get to a 100% response rate faster than ever before: DMs can see which of their stores hasn’t completed a live survey in real time, so they can remind them while it's still in progress. And HQ teams can access results directly, so important information from the field doesn’t bottleneck in Store Communications.

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Resource library

Ensure employees have instant access to the latest guides and regulations they need, without having to sift through the stuff they don’t. Zipline’s resource library is search-primary (and that search actually works), so teams don’t need to memorize a complicated hierarchy to find what they’re looking for, and can pull up information in seconds - speed is critical in the face of health and safety issues. Library contents are targeted by location and role, so there’s no risk of employees looking at (and executing) the wrong direction.

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Compliance Reports

See who read critical messages and marked tasks complete. See which store teams are paying attention and which ones are in the red

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Best Practices

Our compliance best practices, built right into the product, ensure you leverage the learnings of the leading retailers.


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Best-in-Class Support

Zipline’s industry leading experts are ready to guide and support you at every step along the way. 

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Go live in one week, with little to no change management

Why Retail Zipline?


Actionable Reporting 

Generate compliance reports to see who read critical messages and marked tasks complete to ensure and track compliance across store network.  


Focused on Accountability

Make sure everyone understands the role they play and takes ownership of the tasks.



Your associates and district managers have visibility into tasks and execution in real-time, from any device. 


HQ-level Visibility 

Know what your entire fleet is doing. Drill down into specific bright spots or non-compliant stores. Understand which stores are excelling and which stores are at risk. 


Single Source of Truth 

Regulations and guidelines change every day. Ensure store teams always know where to go for the latest communications so they’re not operating from outdated information. 


Easy to Use

We did the impossible and made Zipline fun to use so adoption is best in the industry. 


Two-way Communications 

Let the field communicate directly with managers and HQ about what’s happening at the store. Real-time results give leaders the data they need to quickly change plans or policies.


Personalized by Role 

Cut the clutter and confusion by filtering news and information by role and/or location so store managers spend less time understanding what they need to do to be compliant.  


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