Zipline for Home Improvement Retail

Zipline is the best way to drive new, critical information out to the fleet in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse your store teams

A Store Communications Solution to Drive Execution and Compliance - one job you can leave to the pros

Why do Retailers like Northern Tool and Lumber Liquidators use Zipline?

 We have the right tools to get the job done right. 

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Single-Click Publishing

Send messages in seconds, freeing up valuable time to tailor messaging to specific roles or locations. Easy targeting and distro list management means you alert only the teams who need to know - without distracting the rest of the fleet.

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When you need to confirm that teams have read and understood new policies or direction, every second counts. With Surveys, you can get to a 100% response rate faster than ever before: See who hasn’t completed a live survey in real time, so you can remind them while it's still in progress.

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Go live in one week, with little to no change management


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Resource Library

Speed is critical in the face of health & safety issues so we ensure employees have instant access to the latest guides and regulations they need, without having to sift through stuff they don’t. Our resource library is search-primary (that actually works), so teams don’t need to memorize a complicated hierarchy to find what they’re looking for.  Library contents are targeted by location and role, so employees always have the right information.

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Compliance Reports

See who read critical messages and marked tasks complete. Track which store teams are paying attention to important compliance information and which ones are in the red.

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Best-in-Class Support

Zipline’s industry leading experts are ready to guide and support you at every step along the way. 


And much, much more that we’ll share in a personalized demonstration!

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