Retail Zipline

Retail task management software for Home Improvement

Service that feels like a small-town hardware store. Speed that feels like a limitless supply chain. Today’s Home Improvement retailers are doing more than ever to compete.


Zipline restores my faith in humanity daily - Paul Peglow | Retail Merchandise Planning | Northern Tool

Whether it’s helping homeowners make their DIY dreams come true, guiding customers through urgent repairs, or fulfilling complex professional contractor orders with speed and accuracy, frontline associates in the Home Improvement sector have to do it all - and do it safely, too. To be successful, they need access to up-to-the-minute resources, directives, training documents and policies at their fingertips. 

Thanks to a renewed consumer focus on the home, Home Improvement retailers are scrambling to keep up with increased customer demand. Today’s DIY and pro customers expect more from store teams: they want convenience, speed, value and a high level of expertise. Retail Zipline empowers your frontline teams to combine their unique skills and knowledge with the latest technology, so you can focus on growing an omni-channel business.

With Zipline, you can:

Increase Operational Efficiency.

Retail Zipline automates your teams’ administrative tasks and organizes action-items in real-time. Instead of tracking to-dos and managing manual audits, your associates can spend more time doing what they love: connecting with customers.

Track compliance in real-time.

Retail Zipline’s readership and task tracking gives your HQ and field leaders the power to quickly communicate rapidly changing (and localized) health and safety directives, then track their successful completion.

Empower your stores to evolve.

Your customers value convenience and ingenuity. Retail Zipline’s Resource Library gives your teams a one-stop-shop to easily access multimedia education, training videos, and more. Armed with more knowledge, Associates not only help customers tackle their own home improvement projects, but also have proper context to support the rollout of your company’s omni-channel and delivery optimization initiatives.

Customer Resources


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