In a Crisis, Communication is Everything: Let’s tackle COVID-19 comms together.

In uncertain times, the role of HQ is to ease fear, keep your employees safe and communicate and share updates across the organization in real-time. Now, more than ever, it’s important to have an aligned, enabled and connected store network. 

Retail Zipline’s COVID-19 Hub

In an effort to support all retailers during this time, Zipline is opening up our COVID-19 Hub free of charge for any retailer that wants to use it during the pandemic. We can get you set up in a matter of days with little to no change management.


The COVID-19 Hub allows you to:

  • Send urgent messages to everyone within your organization, down to store associates
  • Put safety standards in place
  • Post policies
  • Ensure that everyone is up to date on rapidly changing information


With Zipline, you don’t have to worry about whether your comms about new policies and safety procedures are being seen. You will know exactly who has and hasn’t received messages and how they’re following up.

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COVID-19 Communication Best Practices for Retailers

This resource includes some practical approaches and best practices that you can put into place right now to make your store communication more impactful, as well as a list of topics that might be helpful to incorporate in your overall communication strategy.

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Join our Community of Communicators

Whether you’re a seasoned store ops executive, an internal communications leader, or a specialist, we want to know: How are you approaching store communication in the wake of COVID-19? Join the conversation on our linkedin page and let’s tackle the tough stuff together.

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